Motorcycle Gloves

motorcycle gloves

Welcome motorcycle enthusiasts, we want to talk to you today about Motorcycle Gloves. As a rider I find them to be very important for many reasons such as protection, comfort, and style. Every glove has a style of riding that should be looked at before purchasing. Leather is in all gloves for maximum protection if you were to slide.

If you own a sportbike, it would be good to look at short cuff and gauntlet gloves that are in the category of race. They include special protection for track and suit the style of a sportbike rider. Perforated/Mesh gloves allow wind flow on hot sunny days and you will be very happy you have a pair. Check out brands like Dainese, Revit, and Alpinestars.

Owning an adventure touring bike puts you in the environment of off-roading and street along with hot sunny days and rain. We recommend a waterproof glove for adventure riding so you are ready for when it rains on your long trip. Check out brands like Klim, Dainese, Revit, and Alpinestars.

How about cafe racers and cruiser gloves? Many types of gloves suit this style, Blackfoot’s exclusive brand Helstons. Based out of France they focus on cafe racer type gloves.  Dainese and Revit are also good brands that have this style of motorcycle gloves.

Blackfoot Motosports Online carries all these brands mentioned, all the styles mentioned. Shop their large scale eCommerce store for motorcycle gloves.



Motorcycle Gear

Motorcycle Gear
Motorcycle Gear Canada
Motorcycle Gear

Firstly, motorcycles are fun but also very dangerous and should be taken with high responsibility, that is where motorcycle gear plays a crucial role.

When riding on the concrete streets of the city danger is everywhere for a motorcyclist. Metal vehicles, concrete roads, and barriers. What stands sometimes between life and death on a motorcycle is riding gear.

At Blackfoot Motosports they specialize in protecting their riders with utmost premium gear. From top global brands like BMW, Dainese, Revit, Klim, Helstons, and more. You can rest assure you well protected.

Motorcycle gear consists of helmets, jackets. gloves, boots, and more. We highly recommend all the gear, not just the law of making sure you have a helmet.

Also, Check out their blog on

P.S. We can’t stress how important it is to have at least a helmet and pair of gloves. For 1, it is law in Canada to wear a helmet, it will save your life from even the smallest crash or slide. Motorcycle leather gloves will prevent skin from being torn off from the concrete. Be wise my friends, happy riding.

Motorcycle gloves – skin-saving, bone compressor – highly recommended.