Book Safe

book safe

Hide your precious items in a Book Safe

There is an old saying, robbers never steal books. It is mostly true, unless they are trying to steal a preserved holy bible. With that said, where is a good place to hide your precious items, a book safe. Hidden within other books only you know where it is located. The robber would have to go through all the books to find your stash.

Travel to another country knowing that if you are robbed, your precious items will be hidden in secret books.

Lucid Persona has a massive selection of Book safes, guns safes, lock boxes and vaults. Keep your small gems hidden, check them out.


Calgary Used Car Dealerships

calgary used car dealerships

2019 is approaching the world and this post is for people looking for Calgary used car dealerships. We want to suggest the dealership with the highest quality of vehicles, that place is Auto House. The cars are usually not older then 10 years, so you have the latest luxury cars to choose from. Most dealerships I visit only have newer type basic cars like the Toyota  Camry, not impressed, not my style.

At Auto House they have a great dealership with their premium cars indoors shining brightly. The Maserati always catches my attention, along with the Porsche, Mustang Cobra and more. Auto House has excellent finance plans that adapt to anyone. Here is a link to their home page:

Calgary car dealerships

Check them out, tell them Google sent ya. Cheers.